Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Montrose 19 - a collaboration of 2 bodies and 2 cameras

Dianne and I have had some wonderful meet-ups on her recent visit to Melbourne. (Dianne resides in Adelaide now)  Yesterday we did a revisit to the Montrose Public Hall and it immediately took our senses back into our dance collaboration which of course is always full of wonderfulness... It was also exciting to bring my camera into the mix of what could happen might happen, and if it happens let it happen....  Such a fantastic afternoon of creative juices flowing between bodies and cameras.

enjoy the peep of the outcome...


The Creative Travel & Beyond

Nothing compares to my recent trip to South Africa in March 2019.  It inspires my creative path significantly as i begin my own journey with the camera -  Three weeks before my trip i decided to bite the bullet, do some serious research to find a camera i could use, comfortably, creatively and to be able to explore some deeper learnings of movement with it.  I have had many "moments" of using other peoples cameras over the years and seeing the amazing work of others, which i'm grateful for the experiences and learning so much through my camera partners and partnerships... The urge to have a go myself, became so passionate that i finally saw it, loud and clear - Do it and make it my creative investment.  I walked out of the camera shop, absolutely beaming with excitement - but also a little nervous that I had bought something seemingly complex and heavy to cart around on my travels.  Prior to my trip I spent every waking moment thinking about the camera, studying manuals, asking typical questions to those the knew answers - but mostly I used it, pressed buttons, made up little activities with my cat, moved myself with the camera in as many variations as i could.  Finally there I was - in the middle of a safari at Kruger National Park - bouncing around with the camera around my neck...  I very quickly cottoned onto a few tips, as no animal was going to stand still and wait for me to focus and gear up my hand to act - so i soon learned to relate to my camera, unite with it in what ever style, way it took in that WONDERFUL moment of CAPTURE...  i also worked on the idea to have other bodies as human tripods - my travel buddy Jo T became an amazing expert at allowing me to use her shoulder as a chin support while i used my hand to shift her hand from side to side. Inbetween my camera moments of capture, I became obsessed with body movements and using various body parts to help me get the view, perspective of the animal or that landscape.  There were many feelings attached, emotions that sprung on giggles and tears of joys...  Being absorbed by nature, the music of the birds, trees in the breeze and the safari truck hopping in its stop start way... the smell of the elephants and being in the presence, oddly gave me a sense of pride and confident in myself...

Cape Town

Friday, February 1, 2019

Cecil Street Studio... The Last Breath

Cecil Street Studio

Back to… 2010,
I made my first entry,
Laughing with my newest dance dude,
As my feet tangled themselves
I had no idea what was coming next,
An improvised dance performance
Known as the Little Con;
Keen to watch, but wary to participate.
I had so much to learn.
So much

So much to learn…
Since that night, one single night…
Much has happened, in my life
In the Cecil street space,
Pink walls, uneven floors –
It all helped to shift my confident
To be bold, beautiful and hilarious
In my relationship to dance,
Making connections with people I never imagined to meet:
Wow… Anne O’Keefe, Andrew Morrish, Al Wunder, Alice Cummins….
And many more on my list of bodies to have,
Rubbed shoulders
Exchanged eye contact
Controlled falls
Risky landings…

From watching  many performances in awe,
To practicing improvised scores,
Duos, Trios, Groupos,… To Solos,
Yes…. Solos…. I have performed
Solos at  Cecil Street (Andrew Morrish your last word to me:
“look at them, connect with them and  you have them so  begin Your journey with them invite them”)

Life goes on after Cecil Street studio closes the door;
The community exist
I exist


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Back into the harness & silk

 Back at the Women's Circus - there is something about this place - it lets me hang out, swing and fly...  There are a few refresher sessions with Franca Stadler to define and refine my harness and silk skills - then to move on to something new.


Monday afternoons I have "Djembe" improvisational lessons with Jordan Scotney.  These sessions have become incredibly inspiring. Jordan is not only a good teacher, musician... but he has a way of "copying" my body/hand movements and then teaching me something that works, for both of us.  This kind of teaching method puts my body at ease, to be comfortable with what I am doing, and enjoy the journey whatever that is.  Feeling the rhythm, memorising the beat and coming to every sense, every realisation and that for every movement I do or create, there is a unique and positive outcome.  I hear the slowness in my "bounce" and I feel the response swell inside me, then it releases with a wonderful new energy that spurs me, to repeat the pattern or patterns. When ever I choose tracks for dance - it is always I go for the ones with more drums.  

Friday, September 21, 2018

Video installation - Force of Nature Exhibition

I worked with Akasha Temple (film/video artist) during July and developed a video installation as part of Gretel Taylor's exhibition in Lilydale.  Akasha has been great to collaborate with - she made life seem so much fun on that freezing cold afternoon at Lilydale lake where she filmed my "defined" sand movements.   The video installation will be at the Lilydale Museum until October 13th - so check it out and let us know what you think...   Music Jordan Scotney.   Words (poetical) me.

c Gretel Taylor's exhibit work
Lily Upfield on a show trip with her mentor (me!)

 c Akasha Temple video artist/ediror 
Lily listening to the soundscape 

Interactions With Sand - Force of Nature exhibition opens

Force of Nature curator Gretel Taylor - Lilydale Museum/Art gallery September
i performed my sand-scape "interaction with sand" at the opening. it was great to develop this piece as a solo improviser. Music by Jordan Scotney, Words by me and editing by Libby Price. Sand installation by Gretel Taylor and the museum staff.  Lighting arranged by Gretel Taylor.  

c Laki Sideris

c Laki Sideris

c Laki Sideris

c Laki Sideris